ESR Napoleonics 4 Player 1812 Bundle

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ESR Napoleonics 4 Player 1812 Bundle

Get your gaming group into ESR Napoleonics!


Armies for four players:
• 1812 ESR Starter Box Set: French & Russians for two players
• French Corps d'armée ESR Core Box Set: French for one player
• Russian Infantry ESR Core Box: Russians for one player
• French Heavy Cavalerie Division Attachment Pack: To be added to a French Force
• Russian Corps Assets Reinforcement Pack: To be added to Russian Force(s)

Two copies of the ESR rule book and four QRGs:
• The Complete Player's Guide
• The Essential Player's Guide
• Quick Reference Guides 150 yard scale

An ESR Campaign Guide supplement providing 9 historical scenarios, a campaign framework to link them together, and a comprehensive painting guide from which to paint your Armies!
Master of the World, 1812 in Russia


Approximately 860 metal 10mm (1:160 scale) figures with bases and flags.

May contain lead and small parts, not suitable for children under 14. Contents may differ from photos provided here. Provided unpainted and unassembled.