Scratch & Dent Bundle: The First Battle Lost, 1809 in Germany & ESR Essential Player's Guide

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Scratch & Dent Bundle: The First Battle Lost, 1809 in Germany & ESR Essential Player's Guide



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We have a limited number of copies of The First Battle Lost with mis-cut covers where the spine text does not align properly. While supplies last, receive 50% off this scratch & dent copy of The First Battle Lost when bundled with ESR: The Essential Player's Guide!

These two books normally sell for $100.00. 

The First Battle Lost includes everything you need to begin recreating the first two phases of the War of the 5th Coalition: organization, maps, historical briefings, and uniforms.

Archduke Charles, cautioned his brother, Emperor Francis, that Austria was unprepared for the war it was about to begin: …the first battle lost is a death sentence for the monarchy…

With his army concentrated in the Iberian Peninsula, Napoleon redirected all available forces to counter the Austrian declaration of war and its invasion of Bavaria.

The First Battle Lost offers ten scenarios covering The Bavarian Spring and the Aspern-Essling Campaign.

Dünzling (Thann)
Laichling (Eggmühl Day 1)
Eckmühl (Eggmühl Day 2)
Neumarkt-Sankt Veit
Ratisbon (Regensburg)

In addition to hundreds of uniform images, covering every unit involved in the scenarios of the campaign!

The First Battle Lost, 1809 in Germany Campaign Guide is compatible with ESR Original Edition, ESR Second Edition, and nearly any other Napoleonic tabletop wargame.

Orders of battle provide detail down to the battalion level and maps are offered in scale miles.


Normally ships same day or next day!


Et sans résultat! 

Second Edition: The Essential Player's Guide 

Et sans résultat! Original Edition owners receive a discount upgrading ESR Second Edition 


ESR Second Edition may be played with any figures and any basing at any ground scale. 

  • PLAYER'S PERSPECTIVE: corps commander 
  • BASIC UNIT: infantry battalions, cavalry squadron groups, artillery batteries 
  • ANY SCALE MINIATURES: 2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15/18mm or 25/28mm 
  • ANY GROUND SCALE: 1 = 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 yards 
  • TIME SCALE: 3 turns = 1 hour 

Get the details about ESR Second Edition 


The ESR Player's Guide – Rulebook 


An approximately 90 page, coil bound rulebook


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